b&b172 Prosperity Now: Empowering a New Generation of Americans with Hispanic Unity

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Hispanics now make up almost 1 in 4 Floridians. The majority of Floridian Hispanics live in Miami-Dade and Broward county. There are 37.6 million people who speak Spanish at home, and more than half of these individuals speak English very well. What Hispanic Unity offers immigrants are the tools necessary to cement their lives in America. They offer education for children and adults, Citizenship & Naturalization, and immigration/legal services. Although they are located in Miami, the work they accomplish in this county can be instrumental to aNashville non profit.

This is part of our monthly series Prosperity Now, where we interviewing non profit organizations who are part of Building High Impact Non Profits of Color.
Music featured in this episode:
1). Young, Hispanic, and Gifted – The Real Nobody
2). Nuestras Fiestas – Pizko MC
3). Latinos Unidos -Skalpel (La K-Bine) & Mc Luka