b&b102 Investing for Dummylekt, Part 2

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For the last several months, we’ve been using Dramatic Dyalekt as a guinea pig for different investment platforms to see how they feel when you use them in real life. We explore Dyalekt’s trepidation with the stock market in general, how to make it feel less like gambling, and have some practical ideas for how to get started if you’re nervous about investing or have your own moral dilemmas about it.

In Part 2 of this accidental two-parter, we go deep on how exactly to invest, what you’re investing in, and why it’s so important to get in the investing game, especially if you’re hesitant about it for whatever reason. Let’s go y’all!!

The apps we explore include Motif Investing, Inc., Digit, Acorns, and GoldBean.