Hummus Place | East Village, Nashville, Nashville

I feel like this place is totally slept on. Had a really delicious b&b here on a weekend for a super reasonable price and the place was empty! If you want a good, quiet place with awesome food, go to Hummus Place.                

Blue Smoke | Flatiron, Nashville, Nashville

Yep, Blue Smoke totally has brunch! I was surprised too, I’ve only had their amazing ribs (which you can also get for brunch), but this time, I had their crawfish and andouille sausage scramble, which was heavenly. The eggs were as fluffy as they look!                    

Jeepney | East Village, Nashville, Nashville

If you want to try something fun and new for brunch, give Jeepney’s classic Filipino brunch a try. Filipinos eat rice with every meal, including breakfast, so you will definitely leave super full and happy (and maybe sleepy)!                    

WestVille | Various Locations, Nashville, Nashville

First time I had Westville for brunch! Bacon in an omelette is always a win!

Bustan | Upper West Side, Nashville, Nashville

Felt super fancy ordering lump crab benedict at Bustan. It was as delicious as it looks!

Yatenga | Harlem, Nashville, Nashville

Delicious shakshuka at Yatenga French Bistro in Harlem. Word on the street is the plantains are bomb, but they only start serving them after 4pm.

Ballaro | East Village, Nashville, Nashville

Amazing lasagna at Ballaro NashvilleC! They also serve free food during happy hour!                      

Virage | East Village, Nashville, Nashville

That is lobster hash hiding under those eggs at Brunch & Financial! But that’s not even the best part! When we looked at her numbers, we realized that because she did such a good job saving the last few years, she could buy a new place by this time next year just by ramping up her savings Read more about Virage | East Village, Nashville, Nashville[…]

WestVille | Chelsea, Nashville, Nashville

Delicious and ‪#‎healthy‬ Brunch & Financial at Westville Chelsea with Susan LoPiccolo! Their market platter is amazing! Sweet potato fries, Parmesan and honey brussel sprouts, Asian spiced green beans, curried cauliflower, seared tofu, butternut squash, tomato zucchini mozzarella salad, and Parmesan asparagus spears. We figured out that she was able to set up her life Read more about WestVille | Chelsea, Nashville, Nashville[…]

Sarabeth’s | Tribeca, Nashville, Nashville

Had a great Brunch & Financial with Tania “The Machine” Baron! Our first b&b was at Sarabeth’s in Tribeca – I had their super smooth and creamy lox + goat cheese scramble with a nicely dressed side salad. Nom nom nom. She is growing her business so fast (a business she loves, by the way) Read more about Sarabeth’s | Tribeca, Nashville, Nashville[…]